What we offer at invigorate:

Invigorate Health and fitness will tailor programs that are specific to your needs. Our knowledge and experience will allow you to reach your targets and fully enjoy your programs. All clients will be presented with a systematic and progressive program specific to your needs.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is one of the most effective forms of Massage in the world. It is used regularly by both professional and amateur athletes. It can be used for rehabilitation from injury or as an injury prevention technique. Sports Massage is not only for sports people. For people who are not involved in sport it can be used to relieve stress and tension. Sports Massage is designed to release tension in the muscles and restore homeostasis. It is the ultimate answer for an athlete who is experiencing muscular aches or pains. Sport Massage can be used to treat any soft tissue injuries. However the real benefit can be using sports massage to stop injuries occurring.

Personal Training

If you are wanting to reach goals that you don’t think are manageable for you. Then your ideal option is to invest time into personal training. This one to one personal service can provide you with the right knowledge and guidance as well as motivation for you to achieve your goals. Whether you want to lose weight, improve fitness for sports or leisure activities a personal training package will be an ideal way for you to do this.

Group Training

If you would like to train together as a small group of friends or family we can offer a no pressure environment that we will make fun and enjoyable whilst reaping the benefits of exercise.

Team sports specific strength and conditioning. If you are a sports team looking to improve your game and fitness during the off season or if you just need some extra conditioning throughout the season then this is the service for you. Training together alongside your teammates will allow you to push each other and create a competitive environment.

Weekly Fitness Classes – Spinning classes

Spinning is an indoor cycling class spinning is aerobic in nature and it is designed to be performed to music. Spinning is a great way to keep yourself fit and healthy and difficulty levels can be adjusted to each individual as it works on a perceived scale of exertion which is controlled by you. It is a great fun way to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our classes are limited to six people per class so it is important to book. Come along and have a go on our state of the art bikes.

Circuit Classes

This weekly session promotes muscular endurance and enhances core strength. The session is designed using fundamental movements such as squats and lunges etc. these exercises help improve flexibility and are also at an intensity which allows a serious fat burn